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Known as "The Witch of Sleepy Hollow", as a child, Krystal knew that there was more to this physical existence where black and white exist, that there was a gray area many still could not see. But she could. Even as a young child, Krystal was able to see and communicate with those who have crossed over, but at nine years old, a near-death experience thrust her head-first into a world that would make her realize that we really aren't alone. Visions became clearer and made more sense, the spirits that roam the earth would begin to seek her out to relay a message to a loved one she was simply walking past in a super market. She understood even then, that there was more to this life than just existing and believes that we don’t have to live with all the limitations we place on ourselves, nor fear our own mortality. A 10th generation natural born witch with close ties to Salem and New Orleans, Krystal comes from a long line of magickal roots, with grandparents who were Native American and Gypsy, and a mother who was a Santeria Priestess. In May 2012, she founded The Pagan Circle, an online social media community that has grown to 23,000 members world-wide. In May, 2013 the Pagan Circle website was launched. On November 15, 2012, she founded Pagan Parents Online, another social media resource for Pagan Parents. In May 2013, she launched Enchanted Hollows, an online store dedicated to offering hand-made, old-world alchemical and magickal products and in 2014, Deja-Vuduu. Her published works include articles and features in Inner Realm and Wisdom Magazines, and she has made appearances on Darkness Radio, Z-Talk Radio, HEX Education,30-Odd Minutes and other media outlets. Regularly volunteering her time to the Pagan Community, Krystal is also an Ordained Minister and High Priestess of the Raven's Wing Coven in upstate New York, and founder of The Council of the Serment Sacre' (Sacred Oath) the Corvin Method of Witchcraft, and Festival of Witches in Sleepy Hollow, New York as well as playing host to the weekly radio show, "Good Morning Goddess", and Nocturnas Paranormal Radio on Blog Talk Radio. You can visit her on her websites at:

A Dance with Ganesha, the Lord of Success

  Ganesha, also known as Ganesh, the elephant Deity and one of my favorite Deities to work with, was introduced to me eight years ago. Known as the Lord of Success, as well as the destroyer of evil and obstacles, … Continue reading

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Raising the Dead: Why Samhain Is So Sacred

Yes, yes…. all us witches are very excited about Samhain (Pronounced Sow-in)… to the non-magical, curious folks reading this, that’s Halloween… our New Year and one of the most Sacred of the Sabbats to Pagans and Witches. I still get … Continue reading

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Dorothy….. We’re Not In Salem Anymore. The Witch Hunts of the 21st Century

  It is said that understanding and education are the two best actions against ignorance and fear…. but are they? What do you do when an angry, hateful and overzealous mob of members of a radical religious group come knocking … Continue reading

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Living Witchy…. Or Is It Witchy Living? The Ethics Behind Making A Living as a Witch

  There is a lot of discussion (Doesn’t it always seem like my articles start this way? “There is a lot of discussion or debate”…. well, there is) about being a witch and charging for services. Sure, I could talk … Continue reading

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Magickal Self Defense: The Difference Between Ethics and Being a Door Mat

    There is quite a big debate about using magick in retaliation or self defense in the witch community, verses turning the other cheek and allowing “Karma” to do her thing. I personally have had the scolding finger shook … Continue reading

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Gods and Goddesses: Be Careful Who You Summon

There is no doubt that each of us who have connected or resonated with a Deity have developed a personal relationship with them. They understand us…we understand them. …….But do we? Really? We know what we have read and researched … Continue reading

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Beltane: Eroticism and Sacred Sexuality….. We All Just Get Naked….

**Side note: I realize this article comes after Beltane. Not only was I busy celebrating it (see photos below) but I’d been really wanting to touch on this subject for some time now, while handling it with care, so, I … Continue reading

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The Witch Hunt Among Witches: Eclectic Witches & Cultural Appropriation

  This is a touchy subject… not that I’m afraid to talk about it, clearly, if you have been reading my articles, you’ll already know that I have no bones about speaking my mind or hurting a few feelings in … Continue reading

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Witchcraft and Modern Medicine: There’s Not Much Taboo In Hoodoo

For some of you who have followed me for the past few years on The Pagan Circle, you know I have a very sick child at home. He has a chronic illness, Ulceritave Colitis, which is a form of IBS … Continue reading

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Love Spells……. Be Careful What You Wish For…

It’s human nature. Every single aspect of it. Love. The wanting of it, the blissful days filled with the feeling of being in love, and the heart break of losing it. For years I detested Valentine’s day just because of … Continue reading

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