Dorothy….. We’re Not In Salem Anymore. The Witch Hunts of the 21st Century



It is said that understanding and education are the two best actions against ignorance and fear…. but are they? What do you do when an angry, hateful and overzealous mob of members of a radical religious group come knocking at your door? They don’t want to talk. They don’t want to listen. They don’t want explanations or reason. They’ve come with their minds made up: They want blood. Do you turn the other cheek? Do you become a martyr? There are no clicking of ruby slippers and suddenly, there really is no place like home…..

Just think, it wasn’t until the 1690’s that the persecution of witches really became a problem in the United States, and it began with a couple of naive girls in then Puritan Salem, Mass., (Now Danvers) who played with some divination techniques, got freaked out and cried witchcraft to cover their own back sides…. that act alone cost 19 innocent people their lives, because these girls used the hysteria as an opportunity to point a finger and accuse the people they simply did not like, and it was down hill from there. You couldn’t win for losing, here. Either you confessed to being someone and something you weren’t, sparing your life but living the rest of it basically shunned from those who you once called friends, or you kept your pride and your reputation and had your neck stretched out…. with the exception of old Giles Corey who was crushed to death. They didn’t mean to kill him, they said, it was an accident. They only wanted to scare him into a confession, to which they were faced with a rather unexpected request from the old man just when they thought the weight of all the stones would surely break his spirit. The request? “More weight.”

It was only a few hundred years ago that Christianity attempted to condemn Catholicism… because both  were so concerned about their way being the “One true way” that it didn’t matter who died or lost everything, innocent or guilty as long as the prevailing party was right. The Protestants thought the Catholics tasteless and tactless, and the Catholics? Well, they just hated the Protestants for not being Catholic. Queen Elizabeth I of England was faced with this very dilemma on practically a daily basis. Aside from the fact that she was a woman successfully ruling a country, refused to take a husband and didn’t give the country an heir to the throne, she was Protestant. (The very nerve!) … and attempts were constantly made on her life on behalf of the Catholics. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this type of thing continues. It’s horrid over in Africa, all you have to do is be accused and you are immediately condemned to death, often times burned alive right on the street or in your front yard, making it rather opportunistic for greedy family members to immediately inherit any property you own upon accusation.

But we in the U.S. and other religiously free countries have nothing to concern ourselves with, right?


Witch-hunting has NOT gone away. It is still prevalent here in the 21st Century, and not only is it prevalent, it’s gaining speed.

According to a recent article in the NY times, “In recent years, there has been a spate of attacks against people accused of witchcraft in Africa, the Pacific and Latin America, and even among immigrant communities in the United States and Western Europe.”

What’s the matter, the bible thumping upper management afraid the witches are gaining speed? In my sole opinion, the devil and the threats of eternity in hell were both created to instill enough fear to get others to conform….. I was a Catholic once, I get it. There is such a thing as “Catholic Guilt”, I know, I suffered from it for years, despite being raised by witches who hid under the guise of the very church they brought me up in….. as a kid, was it fair to me? Probably not. I was terribly confused and incredibly torn. Here, I had these gifts and this connection with nature and the energies around me, that were fostered and encouraged at home, yet condemned in the very place I was also taught to seek refuge. There were also a great many teachings in the Bible that I felt in my heart, even as a child, were wrong or unjust. After all, people cannot help what they are, right?

Allow me to drop another bomb on the “You’re wrong, we’re right” religious groups: Witches don’t acknowledge in or believe in a Satan, a hell or a proverbial devil. It’s a Christian ideology, not a universal one, and honestly, it makes that lot who protest and raise a ruckus and shout out over horns and loudspeakers the blah, blah, blah about brimstone and hellfire make you all look like nothing but bat shit nuts. That’s right, fifty shades of cray-cray.

hell no…… she didn’t!

Yes. Yes I did.

The same group of religious wacko’s found themselves the butt of everyone’s jokes and giggles last year when they annoyed Jason Voorhees on Essex Street in Salem to the extent that he put his murderous urge aside for a moment to protest how he felt about these folks:

fuck these guys


Why? Cause

aint nobody got time In fact, the more they preach, the louder they get, the more obnoxious they become about it…. well, the rest of us don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling of converting, repenting or being saved….

No, wait. We do want to be saved. When we’re handed those pamphlets and “invited” to the retreats and revivals, this is what we envision:



They make Hotel California seem like a 5 star vacation spot.

But on a more serious note, United Nations refugee and human rights agencies have estimated the murders of supposed witches as numbering in the thousands each year, while beatings and banishments possibly running into the millions. The folks who gather this info also report that making it illegal to even believe in witchcraft is not a solution to the problem (gee, ya think?) but respect for customary beliefs , however, does not allow for persecution and murder.

Now, before the rest of the Americans here reading this article starts puffing up their chests and saying “Well, they’d never get away with it here in the states!” Think again. Let the hot air out and your chest deflate, because I’m about to spring some really disturbing news on you.

On March 30, 2013 (That’s right, only a year ago) Kyrja Withers, a Pagan author in Port Richie, Florida  reported that shots had been fired at her home, affectionately named, “The Glitter Dome”.

“Someone shot at me tonight – and though they missed, The Glitter Dome is a bit more …. holey … tonight. We’ve had intermittent problems with someone honking their horn outside our house at very late hours and screaming obscenities  Once, they threw a firecracker in our front house. Last night, they screamed “F’ing WITCH” – quite clearly. No mistake. Today, we received several telephone calls where the caller said something unintelligible and then hung up, as well as an inappropriate post on one of my Rupert videos. This is obviously personal. And now, they have crossed the line and have caused property damage. And yes – the first window they hit is where I sit. It is time to deal with this. And so we shall. We ask for your assistance in calling for swift justice.” – See more at:

So as I write this, I think about how far we have come, how much blood has already been shed, and I shake my head… partially in disbelief that there are still so many intolorant and ignorant and partially in disgust at the actions of those who claim they are working for a “God” history and science have already pretty much debunked. Perhaps not the God itself, but what they claim to be truth…from a book that has been molested, torn apart, revised, omitted and rearranged to suit so many times that one is left to wonder….”What the hell??” :/

I also sit here thinking, and I’ll leave this as a final thought, that witches, for the most part, mind our own business and go about our lives without hindering, being self imposing or intrusive to those around us. Why can’t others do the same? Holy wars are everything but holy.


Resources, references and further information can be found at the following:




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Known as "The Witch of Sleepy Hollow", as a child, Krystal knew that there was more to this physical existence where black and white exist, that there was a gray area many still could not see. But she could. Even as a young child, Krystal was able to see and communicate with those who have crossed over, but at nine years old, a near-death experience thrust her head-first into a world that would make her realize that we really aren't alone. Visions became clearer and made more sense, the spirits that roam the earth would begin to seek her out to relay a message to a loved one she was simply walking past in a super market. She understood even then, that there was more to this life than just existing and believes that we don’t have to live with all the limitations we place on ourselves, nor fear our own mortality. A 10th generation natural born witch with close ties to Salem and New Orleans, Krystal comes from a long line of magickal roots, with grandparents who were Native American and Gypsy, and a mother who was a Santeria Priestess. In May 2012, she founded The Pagan Circle, an online social media community that has grown to 23,000 members world-wide. In May, 2013 the Pagan Circle website was launched. On November 15, 2012, she founded Pagan Parents Online, another social media resource for Pagan Parents. In May 2013, she launched Enchanted Hollows, an online store dedicated to offering hand-made, old-world alchemical and magickal products and in 2014, Deja-Vuduu. Her published works include articles and features in Inner Realm and Wisdom Magazines, and she has made appearances on Darkness Radio, Z-Talk Radio, HEX Education,30-Odd Minutes and other media outlets. Regularly volunteering her time to the Pagan Community, Krystal is also an Ordained Minister and High Priestess of the Raven's Wing Coven in upstate New York, and founder of The Council of the Serment Sacre' (Sacred Oath) the Corvin Method of Witchcraft, and Festival of Witches in Sleepy Hollow, New York as well as playing host to the weekly radio show, "Good Morning Goddess", and Nocturnas Paranormal Radio on Blog Talk Radio. You can visit her on her websites at:
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14 Responses to Dorothy….. We’re Not In Salem Anymore. The Witch Hunts of the 21st Century

  1. fladivebum says:

    Bravo. On the mark, as usual.

  2. fladivebum says:

    Bravo! On the mark, as usual.

  3. Pamela says:

    Thank you, very well put. Blessed be!

  4. Damon Leff says:

    Review the facts – accusations of witchcraft and witch-hunts in South Africa –

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  6. burlhall says:

    Reblogged this on burlhall and commented:
    Great piece. If you are open minded or have a different outlook on life than the mainstream….be very aware….beware, be aware.

  7. burlhall says:

    great article, Krystal. I shared it with others…very important piece.

    • Thank you, and thank you for sharing it 🙂 I think there are many folks who believe the witch hunts ended long ago, or that they haven’t found themselves to the lands most have considered safe. Sure, we’ve come a long way as a whole, but it’s unfortunate that it continues, whether the intolerance is toward a a witch, a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian…. intolerance is everywhere, and intolerance fueled by fear can be deadly.

  8. Anne Duthers says:

    When I hear someone uses the word ‘witch’ as an insult, I tell them that the Witches I’ve met are some of the nicest, most moral people I’ve ever known. Confront it whenever you safely can. Thanks for writing this, it is very good.

    • By now, most who know me wouldn’t bother using the term “Witch” as an insult because they know I’d curtsy and thank them. But I share the same feelings as you, witches, and the Pagan community as a whole are very supportive, kind people. I have a Pagan friend with a Christian wife, who was ADAMANTLY against his practices. He went in for surgery one day, and ended up in a coma for seven or ten days I think. To make a long story short, her Christian community for the most part, save for a few turned their backs because of his beliefs and practices. But the witch community was there for her, him and the children showing and giving their unwavering support for anything they may have needed…whilst knowing how she felt about them. Needless to say, she has toned down a bit since and is a bit more accepting. I think what it all boils down to is that we look at a person as a PERSON, who is in need, while many others (and I realize this is a strong statement I’m making here, but it isn’t meant to be all inclusive) look at the faith aspect first OR attach a religious-based contingency upon the aid needed. Not the case with witches at all. We don’t help for the hope of later converting. We help simply because we want to help. All life is precocious.

  9. BLAM!!!

    Just exactly what needed to be said. Very interesting that I have suffered missionaries for periods of hours at times, just to be written off as “Devil-bait” by them. Never mind that Christianity did not come into existence until the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Never mind that the “bible” did not come into existence until about the Fourth Century “AD” as a result of the conclusion of the Nicean Council.

    The hatred is definitely brewing out there. What’s more, this consistent blaming of the “occult” for being the driving force behind the growing global governance. This is absurd and very misplaced anger on their part. The growing global empire is because of planning and constant efforts a few psychopathic, megalomaniacal personalities on the basis of their own “religion”. Just look at all of the ancient monuments and sacred temples of the past being destroyed and/or looted, all in the name of someone’s “god”.

    Thank you for the great post.

    – Rev. Jim

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